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Gravel Pit Restoration Well Underway

Gorge Road School pupils surround the first interpretation sign at the Gravel Pit which had just been unveiled.


In celebration of Arbor Day/World Environment Day in early June, Gorge Road School pupils helped to plant red tussock around the car park at the Gravel Pit.


Fonterra Conservation Volunteers have helped with several planting days at the Gravel Pit. In spring 2010 they planted toe toe and cabbage trees, and then this autumn they planted Coprosma propinqua, a typical wetland shrub in this area otherwise known as mingi mingi.


WLG's members, Murray Waghorn and Ron Munro, assisted digger driver, Barry McEwan, in raising the level of the weir so that the pond is now about a metre deep. Frogs are in residence and with a fish pass in place it is anticipated that the native fish, Giant Kokopu, should access the area from the nearby drain.

12 July 2011 -- Just over a year ago the old gravel pit on the corner of Hanson Rd and Waituna Lagoon Rd was an eyesore, with dead and dying gorse, rubbish dumped and tracks from 4wding this way and that.

Thanks to funding assistance from the DOC Community Conservation Fund the last year has seen a frenzy of activity there, with a fence erected around the area, diggings undertaken to form a weir and reform the lowest wetland area, plantings in all directions to transform the area into a pleasant sight, with jointed rush and toe toe reflecting around Polly's Pond and flax and Coprosma shrubland on the upper drier areas.

Thanks to the Fonterra Conservation Volunteers for their help with planting of the area.

In the south east corner the Soulthland District Council have very kindly constructed a car park.

At the beginning of June, in celebration of Arbor Day/World Environment Day, the first interpretation sign was unveiled and the Gorge Road School pupils helped plant red tussocks around the car park.

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