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• Application to SFF for ongoing project. (Failed)

• Schallenberg, Otago University, presentation on Threats to Aquatic Plants of Waituna Lagoon.

• Waituna Waterways Autumn publication (joint Landcare Trust, WLG)

• Field Day on Soils of our Catchment & Management Options. Focus on Hall & Warnock farms (due to weather, farm visits cancelled and seminar held at Kapuka South Community Centre.) Speakers - Nick Round-Turner, Venture Southland; Jim Risk, ES; Neville Knight, Ballance; Gary Morgan, ES; Steve Dixon, Ravensdown.
• GR School visit to Waituna Lagoon.

Native plants available for riparian plantings: Following the construction of the shadehouse at Kapuka South Community Centre in 2002, WLG has been propagating native plants with the assistance of potting mix and seedlings from the Southland Community Nursery.
• DoC gain funds for additional work in Waituna/Awarua Wetlands.
Views shared on funding allocation: Following a successful funding bid from the Green Party, which will see the Awarua/Waituna wetland complex receive a share of the $2.2m package, a meeting was arranged for the public to share their views on how the money might be spent.

Submissions on Lake Waituna close soon: ublic submissions on the application of the funding of Awarua/Waituna's share of a $2.2m package are due to close on Monday, 31 July.
Lake Waituna opened to sea: Lake Waituna was opened to the sea on Thursday afternoon with the use of a ditch digger after some delays due to changes in the gauge on Waghorn's Bridge.

• Richard Muirhead, Agresearch - presentation on nutrient loss in the catchment (SFF Extension project.)

&bull Gorge Road School visits Waituna Lagoon
Gorge Road School pupils, teachers and parents had a wonderful Waituna experience recently. Fyke nets set the night before by DoC staff revealed the presence of the lagoon's namesake.

• Awarua/Waituna Community Advisory Group established to incoporate community into decision making regards allocation of DoC funds. Janice Kevern, as Chairperson, becomes WLG representative.
• Waituna Waterways Spring publication (WLG).
WLG Photo Competition
For the second year, WLG organised a photo competition held in conjunction with the Gorge Road School Pet Day in October.

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